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The garage is so much more than an extra room in the house. Dads like to retreat to them. Mechanics call them work. Cars seem to live in them. Blue chip fortune 500 companies get their starts in them. It is an almost infinite list of uses that garages seem to have but in the end, they do seem to be the most versatile places in any home. One of the reasons they are so used, is because of the unique removable wall we call the garage door. Therefore, without the door operating at maximum ability, the garage is simply another room in the house.

We are the MGG garage door technicians. We eat, breath and sleep with garage door service at the absolute forefront of our consciousness. We bring many decades of experience and years of service. We enjoy being the best company we can be always striving for perfection and improvement. Our staff and personnel team have vast history of doing all things maintenance, installation, and garage door repair in Chandler.

Looking for something inexpensive? We can help with all cost saving measures including product, time and general service. Looking to keep things running smoothly without having a breakdown first? We have a unique and time tested tune-up or analysis system that will find the needed lubes, checks, adjustments, parts, and components of the complex garage door system.

Garage doors as they fall apart can become excessively loud. A “groaning” garage door is not a good sign. Just like a car, when the brakes begin to squeak it is quickly time to replace them as they will lead to further damage without repair. The same is the case with a garage door, vibrating tracks and springs and rollers all can lead to a dozen other issues without repair.

Want an upgrade?

Call us! We stock and sell a entire inventory of parts from the doors to the remotes. We understand how switching to a wood door can enhance looks, a green door enhance function and a newer steel door can be a huge improvement over an old steel door. We at MGG believe in upgrading the garage door as often it is the single most critical factor in improving curb appeal and from experience we know that curb appeal is a major factor in entire home value improvements.

Want to increase the safety?

Reach out to us today! We understand just how scary a garage door can be in a home full of children especially at the highly mischievous toddler age when climbing up and hitting the button to lower the garage is a new possibility. We can bring in a number of modern inventions including photoelectric lights, smart or wifi connectivity, Smartphone control, and other intercom and connectivity systems.

What does it take to have all of this happen?

A simple phone call, email, or online service form today!

Where the Journey Began

After a intense prior carrier, our founder looked for ways to put his many skills and hands on abilities to work and soon he found his way into the world of garage door service. Along this journey, the company grew from a strong vision of what a service company could become with almost all the focus and training on customer care and high quality service. This is something that a national corporate company just cannot do as the smaller independent companies know the region, take quality personal and just plain have the ability to really make the customer happy. When we work with you, we will bring the years of experience but also what we deem to be a truly professional attitude and demeanor that will immediately assure you we are there to do the best work.

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