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As the Valley of the Sun has expanded so has the need for expanded service company offerings. MGG is a full service garage door company that offers these same services in all of the valley no matter where the location. We believe in a prompt response to all service calls no matter how large, how small or even if it is just an estimate, we will be there and we will be there in a timely fashion.

Our highly experienced technicians literally answer thousands of calls each year and at each job, there are questions that we get asked often. One question that we get asked is:

“When my garage door works, it works fine yet during certain parts of the day, it does not work at all! I have learned to park outside during the middle of the day to avoid not being able to close the door after it is opened. What is the problem?”

This definitely can seem like a perplexing issue, a garage door that is temperamental depending on the time of day? This means that it is either sensitive to temperature or other factors such as light. It typically is not temperature. Instead, as the day progresses, the sun travels in the sky in a way in which during certain parts of the day, direct sunlight might be hitting sensors that are either not well equipped for the job or are going faulty.

A MGG technician, will typically be traveling with just the sensor needed to correct this glitch in the garage door system. The technician that will show up at your home will most likely be a Queen Creek resident themselves and will know that this is a common problem that happens to many people living in a high sunlight region of the valley and country.

Call our company or submit a form online to have a customer service representative call you back immediately.

We have literally fixed thousands of:

  • Broken Torsion Springs
  • Broken Garage Door Openers
  • Broken Bearings and Carriages

We can show up and give a accurate estimate in a fast manner from true professionals. Usually, we will be available within the hour and often times the repair needed will be with us in the van. We can fix:

  • Door Controlling Photo Sensor
  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • Malfunctions

MGG can help you with everything to do with your garage door service and repair. We have an consistent positive feedback online and we like to say we are in the top customer satisfaction category of any similar company in the region. When we dispatch our service professional, we will text you to let you know when they are expected to arrive and we will also send you a picture to ease any anxiety. The technician who shows up in your home will be:

  • Fully Insured
  • Licensed and Certified
  • Bonded
  • A Truly Qualified Expert

The Service employee will offer a written estimate void of all gimmicks or hidden fees. There will most likely be a quick repair with a part already on seen in the service van. There is also the option to do a full system analysis for a small fee that will both lubricate needed parts and possibly find other problems that are in the works.

We know that Queen Creek residents take pride in their homes and we want to be part of that culture of pride and satisfaction.

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