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What does it mean to be a garage door specialist?

Being a garage door specialist has a much bigger meaning for a MGG technician. It means you are trained; trained not only in the skills required to do a job but in how to safely do a job, how to be efficient and follow protocols, how to work with and treat customers with the utmost respect and patience. We don’t just train to be able to do the work, we train in communication and diagnostics. Being a specialist means that experience is key; whether a master or apprentice, years of experience are required of an MGG technician as seeing the different problems is the best kind of training. It is being insured in case of something going wrong, it is being bonded, in case immediate cash is needed, it is being licensed and certified in whatever capacity possible. We understand that quality service, competitive prices and very good customer interactions are the hallmark of a top of the line company.

One question received often is “Why does my garage door seem extra heavy?”

In the olden days of big large manual garage doors, this question would have never been asked of a professional. Residents understood back then that the garage door is the heaviest appliance in the home and that it needs to be manually lifted for access. Today, the garage door is still the largest and heaviest appliance in the home but it is no longer the manual back breakers they once were. Automation through garage door openers and the use of springs has alleviated this archaic problem for the most part given there is not an immediate malfunction.

If the garage door seems to be extra heavy, there are several things that could be wrong with it. The first thing that could be wrong with it is it may be out of balance. When a door is out of balance it does not open smoothly and therefore causes a lot of noise and extra friction. An alignment and balancing is needed right away to solve the problem before it turns into a issue with the garage door opener. The second thing that could be wrong is the torsion spring is losing its “spring” so to speak. The torsion spring is a ultra heavy duty and tightly wound spring located at the top of the system that greatly assists in the lifting of the door. If this spring is out of commission or is failing, the door will begin to become heavier. This spring is the most dangerous piece in the garage to repair and one of the only parts MGG does not sell directly to willing customers for the sake of liability.

As soon as that garage door begins to feel heavy, it is time for maintenance. Whether it is cold, hot, rainy, or any other sort of bad weather outside, call us and have our service professionals come and fix the door before it progresses into catastrophic failure.

MGG is a “Made in America” company. We strive to only use the most high quality parts and pieces made in America. We want our repairs and installations to last as long as could ever be hoped for so the strongest steel and best sourced parts are a staple of our company!

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