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Just when we think we have heard it all, a new crazy stressful garage door failure story comes to our attention. Typically, it seems, a garage door is going to fail at the most impossibly inconvenient time like right during Thanksgiving dinner when all the family is coming over and access is critical or as you are running late to a critical job interview and being late is not even a question and click . . . nothing happens! This always seems to happen on a whim and yet, help is needed almost immediately in so many cases. This is where we specialize, is in fast service.

Our technicians have been working and gaining experience on hundreds of thousands of jobs for decades now and with that level of precision and efficiency comes a level of preparation that allows for quick access and repairs to happen. For our technicians, there is a level of hustle that is essential in a successful service call! We offer same day service for all functions of a garage door including tune up, repairs, maintenance, and installation service. We have made the process as systematic as possible allowing for maximum efficiency. Give us a call, submit a work order online or talk to a neighbor’s technician today and we will have an onsite estimate happening right away or at your leisure. Trust us, its effortless!

The Experience of an MGG Technician is Unparalleled

Disrupter #1: Right as you are rushing out the door to try and get the jump on rush hour traffic to get to work early to prepare for the big presentation, nothing happens when you click the wall button to open the door. This is a huge problem because a trustworthy and quick technician is needed for this dilemma. We train our onsite professionals to understand this need for speed. But first, remember, you need to call us first!

Even if the problem is not a huge life disrupter like a broken door right on the way to work, and is a job that can wait, we are still the company to call because we will schedule a time that works in YOUR schedule, not just ours. We don’t say to our customers “ok the tech will be there between 8-5” like we have seen in some of our competitors. If lunch time on Tuesday is the best time for you then we will make that time happen. We have a large fleet of trucks and experts working throughout the valley and we are ready all day everyday for even the most crazy disruption.

When contemplating the opening or beginning of the company, one of the driving factors was the poor level of service that existed already. Technicians showing up way late, always booked days in advance with few or little help in an emergency and poor on the job ethics and behavior. This had to end and so came into being MGG as a truly service and customer oriented service company.

We want to be a real A+ BBB rated company, we love getting high ranking YELP reviews we also love to year critical feedback so that we can continually improve. We are confident that there is no competitor in Tempe that can beat our prices, that can beat our service, and that can beat or abilities! We have the ability to help no matter the need, including:

  • Full Garage Door Repair Including Panels
  • A New Garage Door Installation
  • A Complete Garage Door Replacement
  • Correction of Malfunctioning Door Springs
  • A Thorough Check of the Safety Features

This and many other factors are what we offer. Call us today!

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