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Historically, metal garage doors do not invoke the most aesthetic imagery. Decades ago they were a solid mono-piece of heavy unmanageable steel that could seriously injure a child or family member if proper precautions were not taken. Today metal garage doors have come a long, long way. They are typically made of top of the line alloy steel or even a extra supported light weight aluminum. Metal doors come with many advantages including a greater amount of durability security, reliability and do not require much if any structural maintenance.

Another great advantage of steel doors is the wide range of styles they are offered in including a stretched panel style, a flush-line door, contemporary door and other lightweight popular carriage styles. With all the different styles and brands it can be almost overwhelming to make a choice unilaterally. That is why at MGG our staff is more than excited to assist in the selection process.

Metal Carriage Style

A standard definition of an actual carriage style is tough to come by. Carriage style garage doors are increasingly popular with each passing month and can be seen often as separated or independent one car openings where traditionally a two car garage door would be. Carriage doors bring a definite feel of elegance and quality as well as curb appeal and no matter the original installation, MGG can typically find a door to match the ergonomics of the home!

Metal Contemporary Style

Defining in words any style is difficult especially since there is so many brands and sub-styles in each of these broad categories. Just as there are many options and variety of blue jeans on the market today, there is the same in the world of contemporary styled garage doors. These can include doors with stark contrast in the individual shapes on the door going from dark black with white framing to light blue with black framing. Other contemporary styles will make a home look totally vintage or even like frayed jeans, make a door look like an antique. What is important is that the door enhances the home no matter the feel or style!

Metal Traditional Style

Of all the styles, these doors are the simplest as they are doors that have been around for a while with the single colored panel look with a variety of window options. Even with that explanation given, the difference between a ancient and new door is night and day and installing even the most traditional door can greatly enhance the curb appeal and overall look of the home!

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