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In almost every case, having a garage door is better than not having a garage door. A great example of this is enclosing a traditional carport or open aired driveway void of a garage door. Enclosing the open air structure to put in a garage door increases the value of the home significantly and allows for a lot more uses for the former carport. This is also true for a shed or storage facility that is used for storing outdoor equipment, etc. A garage door adds immense value.

A common debate related to the use of insulation is its need and its cost. An insulated door, given it is a much more robust and thick door, is a more costly door. So in cases when budget is an issue and absolute need is not present, then the non-insulated door is going to be a viable option. Insulation turns a garage door from a basic barrier and shelter to an actual extension of the wall. This means that the air inside of the insulated room is much less likely to be quickly affected by the air outside of the garage door. So if a garage has any necessity of being heated or cooled especially in the Arizona summer, or even if the resident does not want the garage to have variation in temperature like the external region of the house, then an insulated door is a necessity.

A non-insulated garage door, as previously stated, is a superior piece of equipment to have for adding value to an open space. It brings safety to a home by making one less possible entry point for a unwanted visitor and it allows for a lot more security for the things being stored in the garage. Lastly, it offers a shield from the elements especially storms and rain along with wind and direct sunlight.

In terms of value to a home, by adding a non-insulated door at a minimal price to a carport that was previously left open aired, the actual appraised value of the home skyrockets significantly. Although for functional purposes it is highly recommended that a homeowner add an insulated door, having a door is better than not having a door.

A fantastic option of for a non-insulated door is a basic for a basic, un-insulated equipment shed in a back yard. Instead of adding a conventional swing open door, add on a single car or carriage style insinuated garage door and make the shed a highly accessible and functional structure!

As MGG is centrally located in the Phoenix Valley in Arizona, we highly recommend adding insulation to a garage door installation. If we were located on the west coast with rather temperate temperatures then maybe we would give different advice but with extremely hot summer temperatures a good portion of the year, it is a strongly suggested decision to add insulation to any garage door!

Whether your door will have insulation or not, contact us today for a professional consultation!

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