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A fantastic addition to the world of modern garage doors is the vinyl backed insulated garage door. Vinyl is considered one of the most versatile materials or plastics of all-time. It is a material that is made of a synthetic resin which is also a type of plastic or polymer. It is a tough, compact, light, durable substance and was traditionally used in materials for products like wallpaper, clothes, flooring, old records and even as a leather substitute. It is more recently been reformulated to work well as a garage door and as a garage door has had incredible results.

Vinyl backed garage doors are well insulated with a relatively high R value at around a 11. As a minimum insulation factor is a 4 and a maximum insulation factor a 17,this is still a great or large amount of insulation! Insulated doors have many advantages over a non-insulated door including being temperature regulated, being more quiet, harder to damage, and being a longer lasting product!

Vinyl doors are engineered to have a maintenance free look that is also elegant and can last longer than the lifespan of the person who purchased the door. Vinyl doors are great against the elements. Unlike different types of metal, they do not rust or dent and unlike wood doors, they do not fade or crack. Because of these strong elemental impervious features, they are great for a place like Arizona that has high UV radiation levels from the sun as well as large amounts of dust and sand in the air!

Other features of a vinyl door include the synergistic use of steel in the panels and as anchors that can enhance the build and the strength. With vinyl, the polyurethane foam insulation is permanently bonded to the final skin which greatly enhances the energy efficiency of the door which also allows it to be more rigid and strong as well as durable. With the vinyl being in the actual skin of the door the whole door becomes near impervious to the elements. Wind, water, sun are all ineffective against this door. Where other doors are weakened or faded by intense UV light pounding upon them, vinyl is unphased. It is able deflect the UV rays in a way that does not damage the structure of the material making it a top of the line choice for AZ!

Vinyl garage doors are very versatile in their look. A current trend is for them to be given a rich looking woodgrain texture that gives the door a timeless look especially with fresh hardwood paint and with the deep raised panels. These doors also have a form of PVC construction that will keep them scratch free for life and even if they do get scratched, the way the material is constructed the scratches do not show!

As a form of catch all does-it-all door, the insulated vinyl doors are top of the line. They are tough, strong, rigid, robust, gorgeous, weather resistant, etc. We at MGG love to recommend vinyl as a viable option for your garage door as we know from experience that this is a great financial and long term decision!

Even if Vinyl is not your door of choice, we offer a full spectrum of materials and styles so call us today and we will take care of your every garage door need!

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