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Natural Wood Garage Doors

The earth is full of gorgeous natural products like flowers and trees with their great variety which directly translates to a great variety of wood. Having a large variety of wood allows for an almost endless amount of possibilities when selecting a wood garage door. Wood garage doors have different styles including painted, stained, carriage, contemporary and traditional. It can be a daunting task to choose from the wide variety of available products and so we strongly encourage you to speak with one of our highly recommended assistants to provide direct consultations and resolution!

Stained Options

When purchasing or installing a new wooden garage door a question that needs to be answered is whether the natural look of the wood is desirable. If the natural Look is desirable, then nice strategic stain is the answer. Stain does not cover up the grains and look of the wood but instead gives it a finished look which can be a huge advantage to making the door fall in line with the style and color scheme of the rest of the home.

Painted Options

A painted wooden garage door has a lot of advantages. Wood is a fantastic style to use especially with custom homes or refurbished homes with a specific style or look often that homeowner need to meet and cannot any other way! Choosing a painted option gives the door a contemporary or non wooden feel with the same classy texture available in the stained options. Paint allows for non-traditional colors like black or blue or two tones as opposed to one available in the stain.

Wood Carriage Style

When most shoppers think of wood they think of carriage style doors. Wood has made a major appearance as the material of choice for the popular carriage house. A carriage house can be any structure whether attached to the main building, in its own freestanding building or a combination of both where additional equipment and vehicles are parked. A lot of times they open manually like a regular door swinging outward. MGG technicians look forward to any job allowing for work on a modern carriage house with carriage doors especially since they are so often a unique look!

Wood Contemporary Style

It is often a surprise when a contemporary style garage door is made of wood. Many times these doors have a unique shape or pattern and are painted in modern metallic colors. Do not be deceived, wood has fantastic advantages and benefits when used for a garage door especially as a look or feel and no matter the shape nor the style, a contemporary styled door is a great choice no matter the material!

Wood Traditional Style

Traditional style garage doors are often defined by the standard pattern involving sectioned rectangles with a one tone coloration. If a home is going to have a traditional styled door, wood is a fantastic material to use in order to give the traditional feel a refreshed and highly appealing look!

No matter the style, MGG technicians are well adapted to the work! Call us today and speak with a company representative to zero in on the perfect door to put on your home and bring years of satisfaction and value!

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