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As simple as the garage door system may look, did you know that it is actually a extra complicated network of small and specifically engineered moving parts?

At MGG we send out master technicians to do thousands upon thousands of service calls per year. We know that doing a stellar job is number one in all of our clients minds yet often, we find that customers or residents are shocked to witness the complexity of the repairs and system.

The primary problem: when it comes to garage door system repair, there may only be one small malfunction that requires a dozen parts to be disassembled, repaired or replaced.

Because of this primary problem, we focus intensely on the full diagnosis process in order to make sure the root of the problem is taken care of completely and not just treating the symptoms. We often will bring other problems than the one major problem to attention to make sure our services are as comprehensive as possible.

In many ways, garage door repair is a lot like automobile repair. A automobile can quick functioning at any time and often, many parts and pieces have to be worked on to get it functioning again.

For example, when sitting broken down on the side of the road, a driver might contemplate questions such as:

  • How far is a tow truck?
  • How much will the tow truck charge?
  • Is this an easily resolved problem?
  • Does the car need a simple oil change?
  • How soon can the car get going again?
These are real questions asked everyday by real drivers and yet, none of these questions are easily answered.

Just like automobiles, there is never a super quick answer to a garage door. Extensive diagnosis are needed and often, it is the entire spring, roller and cable system that needs to modified, replaced, adjusted, and repaired.

Just as auto mechanics become skilled in understanding the differences between brands especially those made from different countries, our mechanics often find themselves dealing with such a wide variety of brands that they often rely on their extensive experience to know what to do; a solution that is near impossible if a owner tries and do the repair themselves.

Our technicians will come in and run a full system analysis zeroing in on the diagnosis no matter how big, complicated or even simple. A lot of times, the answer to the repair is a spring replacement; just like a car depends on oil and a oil change can be such a simple fix!

MGG technicians come to all calls equipped with a variety of garage door springs.

Because springs are often the problem, our experienced technicians have learned that an efficient job is one in which travel to repair stores is minimized. Springs play a huge role in the function of a garage door and so in order to quickly handle a problem, springs for every foreseeable problem are brought along on calls.

Ironically, the main problem may not be the big torsion spring, but instead a smaller synergistic spring! The little springs help to counterbalance off-balance tracks and doors and keep tracks, hinges and rollers in line. These same parts need neutral buoyancy and so if the parts are not exact, the original problem can be exacerbated from a improper installation . . . call the professionals!

So even if it is just a small spring that is broken, that is not the whole problem. Call our master technicians out to the house today and be amazed at the complexity of the problems a little spring break can cause including a readjustment of the whole cable system!

Proprietary Tune-Up

Preventing large scale failures is central to a successful repair strategy. Our technicians will engage in our proprietary multi-point analysis process. The technicians can scan and adjust as well as check and lube the door, the opener, the rails and tracks and in the process catch even the biggest upcoming system failure.

Call us today and catch the big and the small problems saving big and small future headaches!