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Garage Door Service in San Tan Valley
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My Garage Guys Garage Door Service & Repair San Tan Valley AZ

The MGG service operators of San Tan Valley have been drilled retentively on as many a basis as possible that they have only one, single, front and center concern: the absolute and complete satisfaction of the customer. There is no other consideration that even matters when it comes to offering quality service from a company whose entire concept is that of offering quality service. We make constant goals and refine our process and people often in order to make the entire experience from calling us to paying us as quick and smooth as possible. The moment we receive the call or order from you, our staff will be working feverishly to dispatch a close and orderly van or truck to get to your house not only to offer an in writing estimate but to do the needed repairs on the spot.

We will not overcharge. We only quote what is actually needed to be done to restore working order. We are a full service company that offers a large selection of upgrades, but we also understand that upgrades are not for everybody and that low cost and quality work is the number one consideration. To make the customer happy, we do all we can to make sure we meet those expectations.

Garage Door Specialization in Repairs, Installations, Parts and Complete Service

Happy to Fall Back on Years of Experience

No other company fully seems to comprehend that an out of order garage door is a crisis not an eventual issue that will be dealt with but a major disrupter of life and the home. Because of this understanding, we also understand that in order to make our customers as happy as possible, we need to be on the scene as quickly as possible. We are ready for your call and we are ready to respond in a prompt and professional manner. We are privately owned and operated and we are able to innovate and improve the way in which we get around which allows for short response times! We have the skills and training to get to the home and do the repair in a courteous manner. Our technicians specialize in:

  • Garage door Repair and Service
  • Spring Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement
  • Rollers and Cables
  • Hardware, Gear, Carriages and Tracks
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Keypads, Transmitters, and Circuit Boards
  • Remotes
  • Comprehensive Safety and Security Features
  • Controlled Descent Devices
  • Photo Eyes

Beyond these specialized items, our technicians also specialize in:


In order to best serve our customers, we are completely honest with them. Honesty is charging the correct amount, doing the right repairs, not cutting corners and not up selling when the customer is asking for the basic package but also recommending the exact repair that is needed.

Neighborly Service

Our technicians live all over the valley and in San Tan Valley. We are about our neighbors and not only take care of our clients as a matter of policy but as a manner of taking care of those we care about especially our neighbors. We are always looking to have repeat business and we know that approaching each call in a friendly, professional and respectful way will definitely draw customers into calling us back.