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Top Rated Garage Door Repair and Installation in Florence

Here at MGG we are working almost every day all day and sometimes all night to make sure that the best service and most prompt repairs are made for a client or customer in need. This year alone MGG technicians will fulfill thousands of work orders adding to the already countless thousands of onsite repairs that have already been conducted by the highly experienced team. MGG is a customer based company and has been since its inception. There are many companies that can do the repair and get eh door working but there are few that can do the same skill with dozens of other factors working for them like MGG.

The average repairman will show up late, without warning, will diagnose many problems that are not real problems, overcharge, and will most likely need to leave and come back with the needed part and then even then there will probably be a callback as the problem was not fully fixed or new problems arise. No matter the issue, an MGG technician will arrive promptly with communication and will charge only what the real problem is and will also do so in a professional courteous manner that leaves the customer wishing that all their hired contractors could act in such a manner.

There are many questions that arise and that require a experienced technician to answer. One such question asked often is:

“Years ago, I had a different company come out to do some repairs on garage doors and after they left, my door would often only open halfway and then inexplicably just stop. This is super annoying and I am wondering why it happens?”

This is a common problem our technicians often encounter from less than quality work of other competitors. If the door has not been balanced correctly it is going to really struggle to operate correctly and will even stop halfway as a defense mechanism for sparing the much more expensive and important garage door opener.

A Proprietary Tune Up

We recommend a full system tune-up. In the process the garage will be balanced and properly aligned and the garage door opener will no longer be required to “lift” the door but instead will simply be “pulling” the door allowing for much more optimal operation.

When our professional garage door masters show up they will do three things: they will inspect the whole system, they will offer a written statement and then they will repair the door often on the spot. From experience we know what to carry in the van and trucks to make sure and be able to do the repair right there on the spot. The most important thing that the technicians will do in a fast manner, is solve the actual problem!

Since the company opened we have thrived in Florence. We have learned the town well and love the serve all the residence of the city. Were there within the hour and we also offer a full complement of new garage doors for those wishing to enhance their homes curb appeal. We make sure and provide traditional, custom, contemporary and many other forms of doors so that they can specifically be there to meet your needs.

Our technicians are licensed, bonded, trained, certified, licensed, and are good hard working Americans!