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If given the choice, would you choose to have your garage door experience catastrophic failure or to be well maintained over time? If you choose maintained, then having your garage door tuned-up is a wise decision. We at MGG have put together a comprehensive system to revolutionize and standardize the Tune-Up process.

Our Proprietary Tune-Up Process Includes:

  • A full analysis of hardware specifically looking for wear and tear
  • Spring testing including weakness scanning
  • Balance measurements and possible adjustments
  • Inspection of door jams for cracks or friction
  • Hands on check of chains for weakness and melting
  • Rail analysis for failures or malfunction
  • Properly applied lubrication for inspected equipment
  • Readjusting and torquing of truss rods
  • Functional movement tests for bearings, wheels and rollers
  • Reconnection of fasteners on the actual door and on door opener
  • Inertia tests on the tracks revealing any bending or alignment needs

Further Tune-Up Items for the Opener:

  • Strategic lubrication on different opener models including metal operated chain and screw openers
  • Replacement or readjustment of all belts, chains, and screws
  • Motor head maintenance including the worm gear
  • Sprocket inspection especially catching signs of near failure
  • Functional opener checks with emphasis on safety and high standards
  • Scrubbing and detailing of the light system enhancing function and safety
  • Depending on the model, the light operations need cleaning and adjustment

When the garage door is overworked and under maintained, it can quickly become a major liability often resulting in major expenses and financially steep repairs. This simple, yet tried and true process will catch many if not all of the maladies that can inflict a garage door from operating correctly and save future costs as well!

Using the Most High Quality and Well Respected Brands Brings Much Value in the Long Term

The garage door is not a simple machine, it has many parts that require upkeep and quality. Because of the straight out complication of the garage door, we insist on using only the best brands.

We have learned by experience that buying only Made in America equipment when possible allows for a direct crossover between stronger, higher quality and safer features.

Call us today and join the thousands of Arizonians who have trusted us to help them with the single largest and heaviest piece of equipment or appliance in the home, the garage door! By keeping the entire system well maintained, tomorrows problems will disappear!