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The MGG Proprietary Garage Door Tune-Up

Are you aware?

Garage doors, similar to automobiles, need to have constant maintenance to keep them operating in a safe and efficient manner. Our master technicians have been extremely well trained in running a full system analysis in order to prolong the life of the door, and prevent major disruptions to the residents daily life!

Sectional Door Checklist

  • Full system for wear and tear including cracks and fraying
  • Bearings and roller including vibrations
  • End Bearings and center cones
  • The entire torsion spring complex
  • Misalignments
  • Bending, splitting or cracking
  • Lubrication of all sections
  • Tightening of all nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Hinge securing
  • Balancing and adjusting

Piece Door Checklist

  • A full pivot point and hardware inspection
  • Analysis of safety wire and clips
  • Jamb and rubbing inspection
  • Chain link welds
  • Bottom to top rail splitting
  • Full lubrication
  • Truss rod and bracket tightening
  • Door balancing and adjusting

Steel, Hardware & Materials

  • A full lubrication of the trolley and rail system
  • Belt and chain tightening
  • Motor lubrication and gear inspection
  • Sprocket analysis
  • Safety red tag check
  • Drive arm bold testing including tightening of pins
  • Up and down garage door force

Screw Drives

  • A full lubrication using low temperature grease
  • Limit adjustment
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Safety eye cleaning
  • Up and down force review

General Opener

  • Receiver wire adjustment
  • Wall button functions including activation, switches, lights and locks

After our thorough inspection, few if any problems will go undiagnosed so comprehensive is the review. If you haven’t had your annual garage door checkup, call us today for immediate service!