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Is your garage door opener starting to struggle?
Need a new one to replace the old?

At MGG we bring a full spectrum of high quality tried and true garage door merchandise all chosen from our thousands of hours of hands on work seeing which models are the most functional and full of vitality.

There are four major categories of garage door openers we typically work with including:

Screw Drive Openers

A screw drive opener operates using a threaded steel lifting rod. When the garage door is activated, the system works by moving a device along the threaded rod like a screw driver removing a screw embedded in wood. These openers have advantages mainly related to the minimal moving pieces and ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures especially like those in Arizona in the summer time!

Chain Drive Openers

When garage doors are put into motion using a chain drive opener they are using, like the name says, a metal chain to physically lift the garage door. Chain drive openers are advantageous for heavy doors like those at a commercial or industrial facility or for custom homes with added insulation. They are known to have a bit of an extra noise factor so garages with sleeping quarters above them are not going to be the best option.

Belt Drive Openers

Belt driven openers are typically the best in terms of lifting power to noise factor. The quietest of all openers they are becoming increasingly popular as homes become more compact and economical!

Other Features

In today technological and energy driven age many manufacturers have added back up features to their systems especially for those emergency moments when the power is out.

Release handles have also been added to many systems allowing for a manual operation if the power and backup power are both down!

Smart phones and internet access are allowing for remote access anywhere in the world from checking to see if the lights are on to letting the neighbor in to feed the dogs. These systems are a great part of all around security.

Lighting has improved in today’s garage door openers with a wide variety of options and features all with the goal of lighting up the garage with more style!


Our company runs with a complete setup of ready to go in an instant trucks and master technicians to work them. We are able to schedule a convenient time to come do repairs, installations and maintenance or we are can be there for an emergency. We like to do same day work and finish all of our projects when we start them and when we rarely are unable, we will return promptly on the morrow.