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Keypad to your Garage Malfunctioning?
Lost or Need a Remote to Open the Garage Door?

At MGG we specialize in both repairing and offering a variety of modern and up to date technological keypads and especially getting you a functioning garage remote. These products not only give residents a greater peace of mind and sense of security, they also provide a much greater level of function and feasibility!

A Wide Variety of Garage Door Keypads

Digital Wireless Keypads

The keypads of today are no longer the analog easily malfunctioning bricks of the past, but instead, are fantastic additions to allowing for a safe and secure entry through the door.

Many of the modern designs especially focus on the flip-up heavy duty plastic feature that allows for protection from the elements as well as shielding against accidental activation.

Other digital keypads can be larger in size yet lighter in weight than old keypads. They have lighted buttons which allow for additional low light use and they often come with indications of remaining battery life!

Wall Consoles

A wall console does have its advantages. Wall consoles bring a sort of additional security to the home. They offer a easy control over the lighting and for simple garage door opening. They are often designed to allow for additional programming and for built in locking features for extended absences from the home keeping intruders at bay. For reasons of standardization, many wall consoles come in three models which will open almost all openers on the market today.

There are several different remotes to choose from including:

Master Remotes

A interesting trend has emerged in the world of garage doors and that is a lag of equipment with technology. Often homeowners will still be using a several decades old opening remote. Because of this trend, MGG stocks many master remotes. These master remotes are the equivalent to the TV Universal remote which allows for it to work with equipment going back to the early 90’s.

Battery Back-Up Units

A great feature of the newer and more robust remotes being presented on the market today is the addition of battery backed usage. This helps bring a sense or peace of mind for when the weather is rough and blackouts are expected.

Battery backup opener devices are a highly recommended feature for all additional or newly purchased remotes. This one change will allow for the garage door work and mobility renewed even during the worst of power outages!

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