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At My Garage Guys we offer a full spectrum of services including:

Garage Door Tune-Up

Our highly skilled master technicians have collectively developed a unique proprietary garage door tune-up system to both maintain individuals systems and to prevent any future disasters. Our technicians use different analytic, lubrication, inspection and adjustment techniques in order to offer a high quality service.

Garage Door Springs

With literally thousands of hours of onsite service performed by our staff and technicians we have learned to not only quickly replace faulty systems but to have the right springs on our persons at all times. We pride ourselves in swift and efficient service to provide the resident with a truly hassle free experience. We guarantee the right springs for your garage door.

Garage Door Openers

One fantastic advantage of having so many years of experience with our staff is that we have seen the dozens upon dozens of unique garage door openers going back decades. Whether it is a repair or replacement we have a large selection of both brands and models to choose from and help to assist in meeting your needs.

New Garage Doors

From an industrial bay, to a commercial loading dock, to large custom homes, to small condos we have a new garage door that will meet your needs. Our flagship service, we are happy to bring a high quality unique proven new garage door to your dream home!

Other Services

Our specialized team is capable of almost any service imaginable related to the garage door and its many complicated components. We are trained and experienced in all forms of repairs and maintenance, in taking care of broken components like springs as well as rollers, cables, gear sets, carriages and all of the related hardware.