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Beware: The Torsion Springs on the Garage Door are Considered Very Dangerous!

One of the reasons the industry of garage door services is thriving today is that professional training, experience and technique are all required in order to repair and install a torsion spring.

A major consideration when looking at different services is the cost of replacement

Garage doors are not the same as they were when they first appeared on the scene as super heavy impractical objects; no they now use heavy duty, tightly wound springs called torsion springs to greatly assist in the motion of ascension and descension. Because they are so tightly torque, they are not safe for the general public to operate untrained and inexperienced. Because of the high risk related to the installation of torsion springs, MGG does not directly sell this product on the market. If the torsion spring is installed by a true amateur, then they can cause a number of problems to the actual equipment shortening the equipments lifespan and leading to other malfunction safety concerns. On top of safety, the torsion spring plays an important role in the balance of the garage door and therefore if the technician is not properly trained, then the door will not operate smoothly and will most likely be extra loud.

MGG technicians are top of the line professional operators with thousands of hours of collective repair experience that shines through in the quality of work. Many customer’s desire to do most of the labor themselves and although a fundamental operating knowledge is important; the risk of injury is too high for any untrained individual to work independently with the equipment.

Safety is the absolute number one priority for our team of both staff and technicians. The last thing a professional operator wants to have happen is a member of the family or neighbors get injured due to an easily avoidable garage door malfunction. Many Arizonians do not understand that the garage door is a large moving object and without the torsion spring, it can be extra heavy and very unmanageable especially in the forsaken situation that the door crashes down unimpeded which is what can happen with improper torsion spring installation.

Because of the weight and mass of the whole system, the springs that assist in the operation of the door are kept under intense levels of pressure. If the pressure is not properly maintained and regulated, accidents can happen leading to sever injury or even death. With this knowledge in mind, specific tools are required to operate these springs.

For those who still insist on being a do it yourself handyman, there are many functions of the garage door that can use a masters touch. We simply want to convey the gravity of the seriousness of the project of making sure the entire system is done right, done smoothly and correct.

Reach out to MGG today and let us bring or best technicians with the newest in training and equipment.